Environmental & Compliance Reporting

LNG Canada will meet some of the strictest regulatory standards in the world

LNG Canada is committed to monitoring and reporting the effects of our activities over the life of the project, with the goal of demonstrating ongoing responsibility and responsiveness to our proposed project effects. In fact, many of the conditions of the permits we have received require us to do this.

LNG Canada’s Environmental Assessment Certificate

LNG Canada received its Environmental Assessment Certificate in June 2015. This followed three years of consultation to learn about the community and its aspirations, prepare a variety of studies, and ensure we designed a project that lived up to everyone’s expectations.

LNG Canada’s Environmental Assessment Application covers all of the major project components – the LNG facility, shipping route, the marine terminal, and the supporting infrastructure and facilities. It also included details regarding the project’s potential economic and social benefits, environmental impacts, and mitigation measures to avoid or reduce those impacts.

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