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Find information related to our provisional marine shipping traffic

LNG Canada is committed to providing information about our marine activities in the Port of Kitimat, and related safety and navigation considerations. The safety of our workforce, the community and the environment remains our priority.

LNG Canada’s provisional shipping schedule below outlines estimated timing and departure, type of vessel transiting to the project site and purpose of the visit. The shipping schedule will be updated as vessels are mobilized to site.

LNG Canada is focused on providing the information you need to understand the project and our marine activities. If you have any questions or would like to be included in our provisional shipping schedule email distribution list, please email us at [email protected]


Once you have the name of the vessel you’d like to track, the resources below can provide useful marine traffic information.

For vessels picking up pilots going to or from Kitimat:

Go to the ‘Region’ menu and click on ‘Long Jobs’ or ‘Prince Rupert’

For enroute traffic public automatic identification system (AIS) information:

Or mariners can contact MCTS Prince Rupert directly on marine VHF Radio or by telephone for local marine traffic information

Weekly arrivals and departures

Vessel NameVessel TypeProject Activity/ Purpose/ ActivityOperatorETDETARouting
Hua Yang LongHeavy TransportProject Cargo- OSBL PAUsJFJV12-Jun-23



Seaspan RaiderCoastal TugDemob of Barge Dynamic BeastBridgemans12-Jun-2312-Jun-23Van-Kit-Van
Dynamic BeastConstruction BargeDemobilzing from LNGC Tug Berth ScopeBridgemans12-Jun-2312-Jun-23Kit-Van

Schedule subject to change

Contact us

Those interested in receiving the shipping schedule can email us at: [email protected]

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