NewsMar 27, 2020

March 27 - COVID-19 Update

LNG Canada and JGC Fluor continue to implement important measures to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As outlined in our previous COVID-19 Response Update, we’re taking firm and prudent actions to ensure the safety and well-being of our project’s workforce and the communities in which we live and operate.


Below are additional proactive steps taken in the past weeks:

  • Workforce reduction achieved (approximately 65 percent) and efforts are being made to maximize local workforce participation, resulting in less reliance on workers flying.
  • Commuter travel (including fly-in, fly-out traffic) has been significantly reduced through the reductions in the workforce, focus is on retaining locals and extending rotations.
  • Increased health screenings:
    • Workers are required to complete body temperature checks and health screening before boarding charter flights, before checking into worker accommodations and before checking out of the accommodations.
  • Number of LNG Canada Project workers staying in workforce accommodations reduced from approximately 1,800 to 590.
  • Enhanced hygiene and social distancing practices incorporated at work areas and accommodation, including:
    • Public areas are cleaned hourly; dedicated workers clean tables and chairs immediately after use in dining areas
    • All common touch points in dining areas are cleaned every 15 minutes. Some common touch points have been removed altogether, such as the salad bar, with salad now served to workers instead of workers helping themselves
    • Mandatory use of hand sanitizer prior to entering dining areas
    • Maximum one chair per table in dining areas
    • Increased cleaning and sanitization frequency for bus transportation
    • Buses are using a “checkerboard” seating pattern. Workers to sit only in the seats that have been made available
    • Community shuttle bus service has been cancelled
    • Project vehicle passenger limit - pickup trucks shall have a maximum of 2 persons - the driver and one passenger in the rear passenger side of the vehicle
    • Enhanced procedures at our lodging facilities to ensure occupants are entering hygienically safe rooms. Once a guest vacates a room, the room is left untouched for seven days before cleaning services commence. If the room has housed an individual observing self-isolation, for any reason, the room is left 14 days before cleaning begins
    • Daily communications reminders to workforce regarding social distancing protocols and respecting the local community
  • Sick note policy waived:
    • Workers who feel ill are directed to contact their supervisor, and stay at home or self-isolate in their assigned accommodation centre.

Our approach remains aligned with the Government of Canada and Government of B.C. notices for construction sites. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will adjust our plans and actions, as required.

Stay safe.

Vince Kenny, LNG Canada Construction Manager

Berni Molz, JGC Fluor Construction Director

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