Jan 13, 2022

COVID-19 Update - Jan 2022

LNG Canada and JGC I Fluor JV are committed to protecting our workers, local communities, and our project from COVID-19. We have been working diligently over the past few weeks to understand and anticipate any new challenges in managing the Omicron variant.

We have reviewed our on-site protocols and measures against this new variant and are making revisions and reinforcements to ensure the project’s return to work in 2022 is executed in the safest way possible. This includes the continued adherence to B.C. Public Health measures, Northern Health recommendations, and our additional voluntary measures.

Restrictions on workers’ movements

  • When not required at their worksite, non-local workers must remain on the project site in our worker accommodations centre, Cedar Valley Lodge.
  • A worker may leave the site only in the event of a medical emergency or to attend a critical appointment that cannot be postponed or held virtually.
  • Anyone who leaves the site must notify their COVID-19 coordinator and adhere to public health requirements, including social distancing, use of masks, and proof of vaccination, where required.

Work from home for office-based staff

  • LNG Canada and JGC I Fluor have reinstated their work from home policies for non-site-essential office-based site staff.

Business travel restrictions

  • All non-essential business travel to the site has been suspended. Travel to the Kitimat area is restricted to essential site-based employees only.

Mandatory rapid testing

  • COVID-19 rapid testing continues to be a requirement for all site workers.
  • Non-local workers must be triple tested during their rotation: first at the charter hub location before their flight; again, between days three to five of their shift; and then again between days eight to ten.
  • Local workers are tested weekly.

Voluntary self-administered rapid testing program

  • The LNG Canada project will be offering site workers the opportunity to participate in a voluntary self‑administered rapid testing program that supplements the mandatory rapid testing protocol, to further enhance the testing frequency among our workforce.

Mandatory mask-wearing

  • Masks must be worn indoors, including in on-site office complexes or spaces where two metres of social distancing cannot be maintained. This includes Cedar Valley Lodge common areas and on all project buses, light-duty vehicles, and charter flights.

Mandatory Vaccination Program

  • As of December 1, 2021, anyone entering the LNG Canada project site must be fully vaccinated.
  • LNG Canada follows the definition of fully vaccinated as recommended by the Government of B.C.
  • As of January 5, 2022, the LNG Canada on-site vaccination program has successfully administered 4,848 vaccines (comprising first, second, third, and booster doses) since its introduction in March 2021.

On-site medical resources and facilities

  • We have on-site medical facilities staffed by more than a dozen healthcare professionals and emergency response team members, available to project workers 24/7. This significantly reduces the need for off-site public medical services.
  • Our focus continues to be on keeping our project safe and healthy. The project will continue to minimize impacts on local medical services while providing our workforce with medical and health services in line with our ambition of being the Safest Project on Earth.
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Overview of on-site medical facilities at the LNG Canada project site

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As always, our approach remains aligned with direction from the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia. We continue to monitor the situation and adjust our plans and actions as required.

Questions or comments related to the LNG Canada project and our COVID-19 response can be sent to [email protected] or to JFJV’s community feedback line at 250-632-JFJV (5358).

Stay safe.

Vince Kenny
LNG Canada Construction Manager

Berni Molz
JGC I Fluor JV Construction Director

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