Media CoverageFeb 4, 2020

Haisla chief gives heartfelt support for LNG development

"I asked [my daughter], 'Do you have hope?' She said, 'Yeah, because with what's going on in the nation, you can do anything. You can be anything. And Zavier will be taken care of all his life.' Hearing my 17-year-old daughter say that, (I know) our nation isn't doing the wrong thing. I support projects, and I'm not afraid to say it."

- Crystal Smith, Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation

Haisla Nation Chief Councillor Crystal Smith gave a "passionate, off-the-cuff" speech in defence of LNG development at the BC Natural Resources Forum in Prince George.

There, she scrapped her 20-page prepared speech in favour of a more candid conversation around her experience as a First Nations leader
focused on creating a better future for her community.

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