NewsMar 27, 2020

LNG Canada announces $500,000 to COVID-19 community response funding

March 27, 2020, Kitimat –
LNG Canada today announced that it will commit $500,000 to support the community response to COVID-19 in both Kitimat and Terrace. The contribution will support priorities set-out by Northern Health, First Nations and community stakeholders.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is putting tremendous stress on our communities and we’re hoping our contribution today will assist in collective efforts to protect people through prevention and care,” says Peter Zebedee, CEO of LNG Canada.

Half of the funds ($250,000) will be committed to support Northern Health in the procurement and deployment of equipment and other priorities to support the healthcare response for Kitimat and Terrace residents and nearby Indigenous communities. The balance of funding or in-kind contributions will be directed towards supporting local hospitals, Indigenous communities, frontline workers and local service organizations.

In addition to implementing a range of measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 at LNG Canada’s project site, LNG Canada continues to participate in the District of Kitimat-led COVID-19 emergency response committee. We are also assessing the needs of our community partners in the region to understand how LNG Canada can help in the recovery efforts.

Looking ahead, “We understand the potential role our Project will play in driving economic recovery once COVID-19 is behind us,” said Zebedee, adding “Working closely with First Nations, local communities and a talented British Columbian and Canadian workforce, we know together we’ll rise to the occasion and meet these challenges head on.”

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