Media CoverageJun 18, 2019

LNG Canada launches training program directed towards women

“Your place is in the construction trades.” That's the message LNG Canada and its prime contractor are trying to deliver to women, as they announced a province-wide program aimed at boosting the female workforce on the Kitimat mega-project. The program called ‘Your Place’ was unrolled Monday by LNG Canada and prime contractor JGC Fluor, at the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum Supporting Women in Trades conference in Vancouver.

Tracey MacKinnon, LNG Canada’s Workforce Development Manager, says the goal is to attract, recruit, train and employ women in the construction trades. JGC Fluor’s Phil Clark says, as the father of three working-age daughters himself, he’s a strong proponent of encouraging more women to take up careers in the industry.

LNG Canada estimates it will require up to 7500 workers to construct the Kitimat mega project, while 300 to 450 permanent jobs will be created once the facility is operating.




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