Media CoverageJun 25, 2019

LNG Canada's new boss makes first speech in Kitimat during federal funding announcement

The announcement of federal money to support the LNG Canada project in Kitimat gave residents their first opportunity to hear from the company's new boss. Peter Zebedee will take over as CEO next week, replacing Andy Calitz, who will be working for LNG Canada's main investment partner — Royal Dutch Shell — in the Netherlands.

Zebedee says he's excited about the years ahead, as the LNG Canada project is built. Zebedee was in Kitimat yesterday, as federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a $275 million investment from Ottawa. The bulk of the money — $220 million — is from the Trudeau Government's Strategic Innovation Fund and will help fund gas turbines for the LNG Canada terminal. The remaining $55 million will be used to replace the Haisla Bridge at the southern end of Kitimat. That portion of the money comes from the Western Economic Diversification Fund.




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