Jul 12, 2021

Our COVID-19 response - Summer 2021

We are committed to protecting our workers, our project and the community from COVID-19, and to reduce the risk of infection in all areas of our operations and activities. To live up to this commitment, we implemented the following processes and procedures:

Based on the NEW Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Industrial Camps Order which provides for some relaxation of previous PHO Orders, the following changes are being implemented at the LNG Canada project site in Kitimat

  • Workers residing in the Cedar Valley Lodge are no longer required to remain on-site for the duration of their work shift.
    • However, workers planning to leave site must register their departure with their Contractor’s Communicable Disease Coordinator and daily logs will be maintained.
    • Workers leaving site are strongly encouraged to wear face-coverings when physical distancing is not feasible and to take advantage of hand-sanitizing / extra hygiene precautions as per usual.
  • Face-coverings will continue to be required indoors when physical distancing is not possible, but are no longer required indoors where physical distancing of two meters (six feet) can be maintained.
    • Face-coverings will continue to be required when on all LNG Canada Project buses and in light duty vehicles.
      • Vehicle sanitizing of “touch-points” before and after use remains as a requirement.
    • Face-coverings are no longer required outdoors.

What is not changing

  • Rapid COVID-19 testing will continue prior to boarding charter planes to site, and by International SOS (ISOS) at the Cedar Valley Lodge and our onsite clinic.
  • We will maintain the ability to isolate workers in the Cedar Valley Lodge and maintain additional medical resources in the event isolation of any worker is required.
  • Frequent hand-sanitizing remains strongly encouraged.
  • Northern Health and WorkSafeBC will continue to monitor the LNG Canada Project for outbreaks (of COVID-19 or ANY communicable disease) and has the right / discretion to demand increased controls, scale back of our on-site head count, or temporary closure of the project.
  • The LNG Canada Project will continue to focus on the safety and health of all workers and residents in the local and Indigenous communities.

On-site Medical Resources and Facilities

In addition to rapid screening, we have on-site medical facilities staffed by more than a dozen healthcare professionals and emergency response team members, who are available to project workers 24/7. Providing professional medical care at our worksite greatly reduces the need for off-site services. On-site resources include:

  • Three medical clinics
  • Two nurse practitioners
  • Three registered nurses
  • Seven emergency response team members, three of whom are primary care paramedics
  • Four advanced care paramedics, who provide around-the-clock medical services
  • Virtual access to the physician medical director 24/7 for consultations from the nurse practitioner, when needed
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On-site Medical Resources and Facilities

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