Feb 5, 2020

Statement from LNG Canada

We were hopeful the issue of Coastal GasLink access could have been resolved without the need to enforce the B.C. Supreme Court injunction. The safety and security of all involved are of primary importance to LNG Canada.

LNG Canada supports the initial decision Coastal GasLink made to delay construction in the area to allow additional time to come to a voluntary resolution. These are complex issues and not related to a single project alone. We understand these efforts did not result in a resolution on the matter of access at this time.

The B.C. Supreme Court, after hearing from all parties, granted Coastal GasLink an interlocutory injunction so that the pipeline project may continue to move forward. With all permits in place and signed agreements with 20 First Nations along the pipeline right-of-way, it is now important for Coastal GasLink to honour the commitments made to these Nations. LNG Canada supports Coastal GasLink as it works to continue advancing construction and delivering the jobs, contracting and economic benefits the project committed to provide for Indigenous and Northern communities.




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