Opportunities in LNG

LNG Canada will draw on skilled tradespeople and apprentices, and appreciates the resources, time and energy that have already been invested in these people by the provincial and federal governments, and by employers across Canada.

We have created a “Workforce Development Program,” with the objective to build the workforce in B.C. through targeted investments in areas that help increase the availability and quality of skilled craft labour.

Job opportunities on the LNG Canada project

Now that the LNG Canada project has received a positive Final Investment Decision, we will be seeking skilled labour throughout the construction phase of the project. For large projects like LNG Canada, it is common to hire a prime contractor who manages the building of the facility and hires the various subcontractors and employees who will work to construct the project.

As a result, the majority of employment and contracting opportunities during the construction phase will be done through this contractor. LNG Canada has adopted a “hire local first” approach— provided the candidates are competitive and meet operational and safety requirements—with an initial focus on the local area, and then expanding to other parts of B.C. and the rest of Canada, and we will require our contractor to adopt this principle.

At the peak of construction, we estimate we will need between 4,500 and 7,500 people to construct the LNG Canada project. In operations, LNG Canada will create approximately 300 to 450 permanent jobs.


Preparing for construction – skilled trades

Skilled-trade workers will play a critical role in successfully building the LNG Canada facility and associated infrastructure. LNG Canada is currently working with the provincial government, local industry, and training and educational institutions, to understand the current capability of the local workforce and to identify possible labour shortages that may be associated with the emerging LNG industry in British Columbia.

Many economic benefits will be realized through the contracting and procurement opportunities presented by the LNG Canada project. To build a local workforce, LNG Canada has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Investing in skills training and capacity building initiatives
  • Developing long-term partnerships with local education and training facilities in the region to develop and maintain a skilled workforce to support LNG development
  • Hosted contracting and employment networking sessions with local businesses to profile the expertise and capacity of businesses in the northwest.

Contracting and procurement

Many economic benefits will come through the contracting and procurement opportunities presented by the LNG Canada project. For large projects like LNG Canada, it is common to hire a prime contractor that manages the various subcontractors and employees that will be involved in site construction and building the facility.


Most of the local opportunities will come in the form of contracts that can range from contracts for civil work such as laying foundations, to maintaining the facilities. All contracts and subcontracts over $5 million will require suppliers to provide information on how they will use local businesses to fulfill some of the work requirements. LNG Canada and its prime contractor will work with major contractors to ensure that we provide opportunities for local suppliers.

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