Potential Contracting and Procurement Opportunities

How we select contractors and suppliers

Selection criteria includes:

  • Demonstrated business ethics and compliance requirements
  • Strong health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) performance, demonstrated through established management systems and employee HSSE mindset
  • Ability to deliver consistent product and/or service quality
  • Demonstrated commercial performance and competitive pricing
  • Demonstrated financial stability
  • Ability to meet project requirements for schedule and/or delivery
  • Ability to develop local businesses and generate local employment opportunities

We require all LNG Canada employees, contractors and suppliers to:

  • Work and act safely to ensure no harm comes to people or the environment
  • Comply with the law
  • Always intervene to stop unsafe acts or incidents of non-compliance
  • Respect our neighbours and the environment

Where possible, LNG Canada will award contracts through competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs) issued to contractors and suppliers that have already been technically and commercially assessed as being capable to provide the required goods and/or services). In other cases, LNG Canada will continue to use the services of existing suppliers. In some cases, we will single source contracts to fulfill other project obligations.

The chart that follows lists upcoming Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and the approximate time they will be posted.

Upcoming procurement opportunities 

Scope Estimated         RFP Date Estimated Award Date Company Releasing RFP
Provision of Escort and Harbour Tugs and Associated Services for the Operate Phase of LNG Project April 2018 Q2 2020 LNG Canada
IL+ Material Disposal Site April 2018 August 2018 LNG Canada
Environmental Services TBD TBD LNG Canada
Fish & Crab Salvage April 2018 June 2018 LNG Canada
Main Plant Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) In progress Q4 2018 LNG Canada
Marine Habitat  Offset Construction August 2017 Q2 2018 LNG Canada

Contracted awards

The following contracts have been awarded to date:

Company Name Description of Work
Servco Industrial Contractors Ltd Methanol Terminal Demolition
Haisla Brinkman Forestry Joint Venture Forestry Consultancy
Kitimat Valley Institute Defensive Driving
Lee-Bo Scarlet Services LLP Pioneer Security
Vertex Kitimaat Safety & Medical Services JV Pioneer Medical
First Canada ULC Personnel Transportation Services (Buses)
Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership Early Construction Consultancy
Leavitt Machinery Equipment and servicing
Snow Valley Ford Sales Vehicle Leasing
Haisla Triton Limited Partnership Environmental Consultancy
Silvertip Promotions and Signs Signage
Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership Creek Diversion
Coast Mountain Wireless Communications Radios and tower
Haisla Brinkman Forestry Joint Venture Forestry Services
Backcountry Wildlife Monitoring Wildlife Monitoring
Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership Site Preparation
Boskalis Canada Dredging & Marine Services Ltd. Marine Dredging
Bird-Civeo JV Main Camp Construction

How to be considered for opportunities

To be considered for any contracting and procurement opportunities, LNG Canada invites potential contractors and suppliers to register with us by:

LNG Canada and our prime contractor will use the information you supply  to understand the goods and services your company can provide. We will include your company on our contracting and procurement register and contact you as suitable opportunities are identified.