Investing in the community

LNG Canada defines Social Investment as making strategic investments in the social needs and infrastructure of the communities in which we operate.

While we want to give back to the community in ways that make a positive difference, we also want to be strategic and ensure those social investments help build the capacity of the community.

Every year, LNG Canada invests in a wide range of programs, services and community initiatives in British Columbia. Since 2012, we have invested close to $2.3 million, from supporting the Kitimat Community Foundation to the LNG Canada Trades Training Fund, a fund designed specifically to support apprenticeship and industry training.

Most recently, LNG Canada funded a Kitimat-wide emergency notification system, proposed by Kitimat Fire Chief Trent Bossence. The system includes an outdoor display board installed outside the fire station, as well as an email notification system sent directly to subscribers. The notification system will be used for community impact events, whether natural or human caused, such as an earthquake, severe weather, boil water advisory and the like. When not displaying emergency-related messaging, the notification system will be used for safety campaign messaging, which very much aligns with LNG Canada’s core values.

“Without the contribution of LNG Canada, the completion of the project would not have been successful. It is very clear how important community health and safety are to LNG Canada.” Trent Bossence, Fire Chief, District of Kitimat

If you would like LNG Canada to consider your community initiative for investment, please click here to apply for funding.