In the Community

LNG Canada is committed to ensuring that benefits from our project flows to local communities

We believe that by working together and understanding what is important to the community, we can design, build and operate a project that considers community interests, and provides benefits to north coast communities, as well as all British Columbians.

The community has emphasized the importance of LNG Canada providing local economic opportunities both through direct employment, contracting and purchasing of goods and services from local companies. We are committed to a “hire local first” approach and will work to ensure local residents have opportunities to become qualified to benefit from the B.C. LNG industry.

The benefits of the LNG Canada project will go beyond jobs. The project will deliver tax revenue to the local community that can be used to support social projects, recreational facilities, and ensure local infrastructure is well maintained. All economic activity—whether directly or indirectly tied to the project—can help drive positive economic growth throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

Social investment

LNG Canada defines Social Investment as making strategic investments in the social needs and infrastructure of the communities in which we operate.

Every year, LNG Canada invests in a wide range of programs, services and community initiatives in British Columbia. Since 2012, we have invested close to $2.3 million, from supporting the Kitimat Community Foundation to the LNG Canada Trades Training Fund, a fund designed specifically to support apprenticeship and industry training.

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Investing in the community

At LNG Canada we understand the value of BC's communities, which is why we're always excited to give back and ensure their growth and sustainability for all residents.

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Our commitment to the community

Working together with the community, LNG Canada developed a Community Charter that outlines the commitments our company will meet to ensure we remain a valued member of the community throughout the lifetime of our project.

Local input: our Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) is a group of community members from both Kitimat and Terrace that represent a variety of industries, careers and age groups. The reason the CAG is vital is to ensure the project always has it’s finger on the pulse of the community and can be in tune with what is going on. Members of the Community Advisory Group become knowledgeable on all aspects of the project, and they become a resource for community members asking questions.

Infocus newsletters

Infocus is LNG Canada’s community newsletter. Click on the links to learn more about what we’ve been up to.

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