Community & Social Investment

LNG Canada is committed to ensuring that benefits from our project flows to local communities

We believe that by working together and understanding what is important to the community, we can design, build and operate a project that considers community interests, and provides benefits to north coast communities, as well as all British Columbians.

The community has emphasized the importance of LNG Canada providing local economic opportunities both through direct employment, contracting and purchasing of goods and services from local companies. We are committed to a “hire local first” approach and will work to ensure local residents have opportunities to become qualified to benefit from the B.C. LNG industry.

Social investment

LNG Canada defines Social Investment as making strategic investments in the social needs and infrastructure of the communities in which we operate. We understand the value of BC's communities, which is why we're always excited to give back and ensure their growth and sustainability for all residents.

The pillars of our social investment program are Workforce & Enterprise, Environment, Community Wellness and Education.

Our commitment to the community

Working together with the community, LNG Canada developed a Community Charter that outlines the commitments our company will meet to ensure we remain a valued member of the community throughout the lifetime of our project.

Our commitment to the safety of Indigenous women, girls & 2SLGBTQQIA people

LNG Canada acknowledges the potential social impacts large-scale resource development projects can have on communities, and particularly on vulnerable populations, including Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people. LNG Canada is committed to participating in a cross-Ministry Working Group with the goal of “Improving Safety and Well-being of Indigenous Women and Children in settings of Industrial Change.”

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    Further, LNG Canada commits to:

    • - Ensure that Indigenous and non-Indigenous women live and work in a safe, secure and respectful environment.
    • - Create a diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environment for all people working on our Project. We will incorporate Indigenous knowledge into all aspects and stages of project planning, assessment, implementation, management and monitoring, paying particular attention to the safety and well-being of vulnerable members of Indigenous communities.
    • - Incorporate input and feedback from Indigenous and non-Indigenous women working in the trades into the design of Cedar Valley Lodge, our workforce accommodation centre. We have listened to and learned from the experience women have had in the past, to inform the design and supports required to provide safe and secure living accommodations. We are creating a respectful workplace and will enforce zero tolerance of harassment, hazing or bullying of any kind.
    • - Listen to and learn from the experience of Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people with past resource development projects to ensure LNG Canada takes into account and addresses their concerns for safety and security.
    • - Share value with Indigenous communities impacted by the development of LNG Canada. This is a core principle that underpins the development of our project. We are committed to ongoing collaboration with our Indigenous partners to ensure that this mutual benefit continues throughout the life of our Project.
    • - Remove barriers to Indigenous women’s participation in the workforce in meaningful employment on the project. LNG Canada will continue to work closely with Indigenous groups to ensure that education and training programs support the development of a diverse and inclusive workforce. We will engage in ongoing consultation throughout the life of the Project with Indigenous communities to understand the barriers that exist to women’s participation, and how we can address and remove them.
    • - Develop and continually monitor a detailed social impact management plan that anticipates and acknowledges the increased demand on social infrastructure of Indigenous communities impacted by our Project and identifies mitigation measures to minimize these impacts.

Local input: Social Management Roundtable (SMR)

LNG Canada is temporarily pausing the Community Advisory Group (CAG) that has been in place since 2014. We thank the individuals that participated and provided important feedback and input to LNG Canada. We anticipate the CAG will start up again as the Project gets closer to Start-Up and Operations.

During construction, LNG Canada will shift focus towards management of direct Project impacts on Community Level Infrastructure and Services in Kitimat and the surrounding area through a Social Management Roundtable (SMR). The SMR brings together our EPC contractor JGC Fluor (JFJV) and a cross section of Federal, Provincial and Regional agencies, Municipal government, Community based organizations, and Indigenous communities to review and discuss mitigation strategies, monitoring data and feedback for 7 key areas:

1) Housing & Accommodation;

2) Road and Air Traffic;

3) Emergency Response;

4) Community Health;

5) Community Amenities;

6) Utilities; and

7) Education

During construction JFJV will share information and accept feedback through a Project website, Phone line, Facebook page and drop in Project Resource Centre in Kitimat. LNG Canada will also continue to engage with the community through focus groups, open houses and community events.

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