Contracting & Procurement


LNG Canada has selected JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture (JFJV) as its Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor. JFJV is committed to providing local businesses information on potential contracts and employment opportunities, and to connect local individuals and businesses to larger contractors seeking additional resources to complete their work.

As part of the current project lifecycle, the majority of construction awards will be sourced and awarded through JFJV. If you would like information related to upcoming scopes of work, awarded contracts or registering your business through JFJV, please visit their website.

Additionally, selective scopes are awarded through LNG Canada directly. If you wish to view these opportunities or if your services would be beneficial to upcoming LNG Canada activities, please use this page to find additional information, or register your business by completing the LNG Canada supplier registration process below.

How we select contractors and suppliers

Where possible, LNG Canada will award contracts through competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs) issued to contractors and suppliers that have already been technically and commercially assessed as being capable to provide the required goods and/or services. In other cases, LNG Canada will continue to use the services of existing suppliers.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria includes:

  • Demonstrated business ethics and compliance requirements
  • Strong health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) performance, demonstrated through established management systems and employee HSSE mindset
  • Ability to deliver consistent product and/or service quality
  • Demonstrated commercial performance and competitive pricing
  • Demonstrated financial stability
  • Ability to meet project requirements for schedule and/or delivery
  • Ability to develop local businesses and generate local employment opportunities

We require all LNG Canada employees, contractors and suppliers to:

  • Work and act safely to ensure no harm comes to people or the environment
  • Comply with the law
  • Always intervene to stop unsafe acts or incidents of non-compliance
  • Respect our neighbours and the environment

Upcoming procurement opportunities with LNG Canada

To be considered for any contracting and procurement opportunities, LNG Canada invites potential contractors and suppliers to register with us by:

  • Downloading the appropriate Supplier Registration (RFI) documents here:
  • Supplier Registration Instructions Please read first
  • Supplier Registration FormDownload and complete
  • Completing and returning the RFI to [email protected] per the instructions in the document.
  • Once your supplier information form has been submitted, no further action is required
  • Please note that the [email protected] inbox is only monitored for the receipt of supplier registration (RFI) documents.

LNG Canada will use the information you supply to understand the goods and services your company can provide. We will include your company on our contracting and procurement register and contact you as suitable opportunities are identified.

LNG Canada Upcoming Contracts

* Subject to change / removal

Estimated RFP Date
*all dates subject to change

Estimated Award Date
*all dates subject to change

Company Releasing RFP

Main Telecommunication Maintenance Services

Supply of skilled and certified personnel and equipment to support and maintain the diverse set of LNGC telecommunications system such as:

  • Plant cabling - Fiber Infrastructure, Copper structured Cabling
  • Enterprise WAN (Routers/Firewall)
  • Enterprise Wireless LAN
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • Vessel Information Systems
  • AIS Base Station
  • GPS
  • Marine Berthing and Docking System
  • Marine Radar
  • Marine Radio
  • Ship to Shore Link (SSL)
  • CCTV (Plant
  • Private Wireless Network (LTE)
  • VESDA for ADM and CCB Telecom Room
  • Process Wireless LAN
  • Radio Towers
  • Access Control
  • CCTV (Security)
  • Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA) system

Proposer would provide a detailed matrix of system, resources, competencies, and specialized subcontractors to support the execution of the work and maintain the Telecom systems.

Q2, 2023Q4, 2023LNG Canada

Civil Site Services

Supply of general labour and equipment for various activities including but not limited to:

  • Dewatering
  • Reclamation
  • Trenchless installation
  • Pond cleaning and containments
  • Earthwork and grading
  • Foundation work: pumps, tanks and structural
  • Retaining walls, dike wall, pile caps and cofferdams
  • Snow removal and dust control
  • Roadway and worksite maintenance

Proposer shall also maintain and repair the Marine Habitat Offsets (MHO) as required.

Q2, 2023Q3, 2023LNG Canada

Specialty Chemicals & Chemical Treatment Technical Support Services

RFP under evaluation

Q1/Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Supply of bulk chemicals and associated technical support

Custody Transfer Metering Systems (CTMS) Third Party Inspector Services

RFP under evaluation

Q1 2023

LNG Canada

- CTMS Third Party Witnessing & Reporting Associated Services, Laboratory Third Party Witnessing Associated Services, Verification Reports Creation

Security Services

RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Securing premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment and inspecting buildings and equipment.

Railcar Services

RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Railcar loading and shunting

Environmental Services

RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Ground / Water / Air monitoring, environmental consulting services, Waste Monitoring, Marine / Wildlife monitoring


RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Provision of onsite Crane Rentals

NDT, Rope Access & High Angle Rescue

RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Supply of onsite supply of inspection and NDT services

Search and Rescue/Emergency Responders

Scope Under Review

Scope Under Review

LNG Canada

- Provision of onsite (onshore) Search and Rescue / Emergency Responder services

Busing and Shuttle Services

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

LNG Canada

- Supply of local Busing and Shuttle services of site personnel

Facilities Management

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

LNG Canada

- General facilities management of onsite non-process buildings (Mail, Courier services, Catering)

Cooling Tower Maintenance

RFP under evaluation

Q2 2023

LNG Canada

- Overhaul, inspection and preventative maintenance services

Fuel Services

Q3 2023

Q1 2024

LNG Canada

-Supply of bulk fuel and re-fueling services onsite

Commodity Chemical

- Supply commodity chemicals, support inventory management, logistics and transportation for continuous supply

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

LNG Canada

Bolt Torquing and Tensioning, Leak Detection

- Contractor shall be required to provide skilled personnel and related equipment for routine and non-routine bolt torquing and tightening requirements of all mechanical equipment structural joints and field inspection. Leak detection, survey and provide leak details, contribute to reporting requirements.

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

LNG Canada

HVAC Maintenance Services

RFP under evaluation

Q2/Q3 2023

LNG Canada

- Planning and execution of preventative maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning systems

Hydro-Vac Services

RFP under evaluation

Q2/Q3 2023

LNG Canada

- The scope of work includes routine non-destructive excavation, Slot Trenching, washing and steaming, potable water, Hydro-vac and jetting, and civil excavation at the LNG Canada Project Site. Hydro-vac Scope will cover Routine/Non-Routine Maintenance, Projects, and Turnaround

Landscaping Services

- Onsite landscaping services

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

LNG Canada

Vehicle, Fleet & Equipment Rentals

- Supply of onsite rental equipment and fleet management vehicles

Q3 2023

Q1 2024

LNG Canada

Medical Services

-Onsite Nurse and call-in Physician

Scope Under Review

Scope Under Review

LNG Canada

Contracts awarded

The following contracts have been awarded to date:

ABC Industries Ltd Janitorial services
AGAT Laboratories Field and lab services
ATCO Structures and Logistics Ltd Trailers
Backcountry Wildlife Monitoring Ltd Wildlife monitoring
BAM-JJM-MANSON Joint Venture Wharf construction
Bear Creek Contracting Ltd Civil works
Bird Civeo Joint Venture Main camp construction
Boskalis Canada Dredging and Marine Services Ltd Dredging
British Columbia Construction Workforce development programs
Civeo Canada Limited Partnership Accommodations
Coast Mountain Wireless Communication Ltd Radios, communication equipment and support
ERM Consultants Canada Ltd Impact assessments
First Canada ULC Personnel transportation services
Golder Associated Ltd Professional engineering services
Haisla Brinkman Forestry Joint Venture Forestry works
Haisla Nation WM of Canada JV Pioneer waste disposal services
Haisla Triton Limited Partnership Animal salvage and environmental services
J H W Construction Ltd Civil works
JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) Ltd Acoustic monitoring
JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture Main plant engineering, procurement, construction
Kitimat Northern Light Advertising Local advertising
Kitimat Valley Institute Induction training and services
Leavitt Machinery Gen Partnership Equipment rental
Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership Site preparation
Lee Bo Scarlet Security Services Pioneer security services
London Offshore Consultants Marine Warranty Surveyors
Norco Septic Service Inc Septic services
Northwest Fuels Limited Fuel services
RTC Rail Solutions Ltd Rail inspections
Sandhill Materials Inc Sandhill materials
Servco Kitamaat Ventures Ltd Civil and electrical works
Silvertip Promotions and Signs Inc Branding and signage
Snow Valley Ford Sales Vehicle leases
Stantec Consulting Ltd Professional services and consultancy
Stantec Consulting Ltd Environmental Services
Telus Corporation Networking equipment
Tieto Canada Inc. Provision of Hydrocarbon Scheduling Tool
Vertex Kitamaat Safety & Medical Pioneer medical services
WSP Canada Inc Testing, surveys and lab services

Contracting & Procurement FAQ

Contracts and Procurement frequently asked questions.

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    Contracting & Procurement FAQ

    How do I register my business so I can be considered for opportunities with LNG Canada?

    To be considered for current and future opportunities, LNG Canada invites businesses to register by:

    • Downloading the appropriate Supplier Registration (RFI) documents here.
    • Completing and returning the Supplier Registration (RFI) to [email protected] per the instructions in the document.

    Once your supplier information form has been submitted, no further action is required. LNG Canada will reach out if an opportunity that fits your business presents itself.

    What does LNG Canada consider when evaluating businesses for contracting and procurement opportunities?

    LNG Canada includes three main considerations, all of which must meet the minimum requirement:

    1. HSSE - the ability and proven track record demonstrating your business can deliver service safely.
    2. Technical - the ability to provide services to LNG Canada's standards.
    3. Commercial - the ability to provide services that are highly competitive in active market conditions.

    If there is a failure to meet the minimum requirement of any of these criteria, an opportunity to do business with LNG Canada will not be considered.

    Can you provide a brief overview of the LNG Canada project and an overview of what opportunities will be available?

    LNG Canada is building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility located in northwest British Columbia (B.C.), in the District of Kitimat (DOK), on the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. The Project is comprised of an LNG facility and supporting infrastructure, including LNG storage and marine loading facilities, and temporary construction-related infrastructure and facilities. The combined plant and marine shipping footprint touch the traditional territories of Haisla Nation, Gitga’at First Nation, Gitxaala Nation, Kitselas First Nation, Kitsumkalum First Nation, Lax Kw’alaams Band and Metlakatla First Nation.

    As LNG Canada continues to advance through its construction phase, contracting and procurement opportunities will begin to transition to plant operations requirements. Compared with construction contracts, operations contracts typically have lower dollar values, but with longer durations. LNG Canada is committed to helping realize supply chain opportunities for qualified and competitive local businesses, and we see these opportunities growing over time as we build B.C.’s supply chain capability in support of the LNG export sector

    Can you describe how the LNG Canada contracting process works?

    LNG Canada follows a standard contracting and procurement process as follows:

    When a good or service is required, LNG Canada searches for suppliers using data from supplier registration (RFI) forms that suppliers submit to LNG Canada. As needs arise, LNG Canada may also contact potential suppliers that have not completed RFI forms.

    Suppliers that are determined to be a good fit are then invited to participate in a bid (RFP) where evaluation of each supplier will take place.

    LNG Canada will select a supplier, and an agreement on final contract terms and conditions will then be reached.

    This process can take several months for small scopes, but significantly longer for larger scopes of work.

    Where can I find upcoming opportunities with LNG Canada?

    Upcoming opportunities are posted on LNG Canada's website, here. A list of required work scopes is updated quarterly.

    What is the value of contracts LNG Canada has awarded to local, Indigenous and other businesses in B.C. for construction, operations and maintenance of the plant?

    • The cumulative value of our project’s contracts and subcontracts to local, Indigenous and other businesses in B.C. continues to grow, and had reached almost $3.8 billion as of May 2022. That includes more than $2.9 billion to Indigenous-owned and local area businesses.

Life Saving Rules

All LNG Canada contractors must abide by the Life Saving Rules

  • Click + for details about the Life Saving Rules

    Rule 1

    Work with a valid work permit when required

    You should

    • Understand the Work Permit and follow it
    • Confirm that the Work permit is valid
    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that it is safe to start work

    Rule 2

    Conduct gas tests when required

    You should

    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that the air is tested
    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that it is safe to start work
    • Stop work if you smell gas

    Gas Testers should

    • Understand which tests the Work Permit requires and how often
    • Uses certified equipment for the tests

    Rule 3

    Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment

    You should

    • Understand the isolations that protect you from danger
    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that isolations are in place
    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that it is safe to start work

    Rule 4

    Obtain authorization before entering a confined space

    You should

    • Confirm with the Supervisor or the Person in Charge of the work that it is safe to start work
    • Confirm with the Attendant that you can enter a confined space
    • Follow the requirements of the
      Work Permit

    Attendants should

    • Approve and control access to a confined space
    • Have means of communication with people in the confined space

    Rule 5

    Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment

    You should

    • Obtain authorization from the Person in Charge or your Supervisor before overriding or disabling safety-critical equipment

    Rules 6

    Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

    You should

    • Have authorisation to work at height outside a protective environment
    • Be aware of what fall protection equipment to use and how to use it
    • Check equipment before using it
    • Always tie off when at height outside of a protective environment

    Rule 7

    Do not walk under a suspended load

    You should

    • Never cross a barrier controlling an area with a suspended load without authorisation
    • Follow the instructions of the Flagman or the Person in Charge of the lift

    A Person in Charge should

    • Mark the unsafe area and put barriers in place
    • Ensure that nobody walks under a suspended load

    Rule 8

    Do not smoke outside designated smoking areas

    You should

    • Know where the designated smoking areas are
    • Intervene if you see someone smoking outside a designated area

    Rule 9

    No alcohol or drugs while working or driving

    You should

    • Always inform your Supervisor or the Person in Charge if you are taking medicine that may have an effect on your performance
    • If in doubt, always check with your Supervisor or the Person in Charge who may seek medical advice
    • Not use, keep, sell or distribute
      illegal drugs
    • Intervene if you see a case of alcohol or drugs abuse

    Rule 10

    While driving, do not use your phone and do not exceed speed limits

    Drivers should

    • Not use a mobile phone or pager, send or read a text message, or use a hands-free mobile phone device
    • Stay at or below the maximum allowable speed for the road your are driving on as indicated by road signs or Journey Management instructions
    • Stay at or below the maximum allowable speed limit for the vehicle you are driving
    • Adjust your speed to the prevailing conditions

    Rule 11

    Wear your seat belt

    Drivers and Passengers should

    • Always use a 3-point seatbelt (please note exceptions* below)
    • Check that your seatbelt works properly
    • Keep your seatbelt properly fastened while in a moving vehicle
    • Check that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seatbelt properly before starting to drive
    • Intervene when your fellow passengers are not wearing seatbelts properly

    *Exceptions include vehicles where only lap seatbelts are available or in public transport where seat belts are not available.

    Rule 12

    Follow prescribed Journey Management Plan

    Drivers should

    • Confirm if a Journey Management Plan is required before starting the journey
    • Discuss the Journey Management Plan with the authorised person
    • Understand the Journey Management Plan before starting the journey
    • Comply with the duty, driving and rest hours specified in the Journey Management Plan
    • Follow the route specified in the Journey Management Plan
    • Always tell the authorised person immediately if changes occur

Privacy Notice

Information for individuals connected with our business customers (B2B), suppliers, business partners and/or stakeholders.

  • Click + for details about the Privacy Notice


    Information for individuals connected with our business customers (B2B), suppliers, business partners and/or stakeholders.

    What does this Privacy Notice cover?

    This Privacy Notice provides information regarding the personal data which are collected, used, disclosed and processed by LNG Canada Development Inc. (‘LNGC or ‘we’) in relation to (i) individuals who work for, or on behalf of, or who are shareholders of our business customers (‘Business Customers’), (ii) suppliers or vendors (‘Suppliers’), and (iii) business partners and stakeholders (‘Business Partners’).

    For individuals who require access to a LNGC site on behalf of a Business Customer, Supplier or Business Partner you will be asked to provide additional information to enable you to be identified for health, safety and security purposes and to manage the relationship between LNGC and the relevant Business Customer, Supplier or Business Partner.

    Bespoke notices and supplementary privacy statements may contain further information about how LNGC is processing your personal data. In those instances, such privacy notices will be communicated to you separately.

    This Privacy Notice explains what personal data are collected, used, disclosed and processed about you, why we are collecting, using, disclosing and processing your personal data and for which purposes, how long we hold your personal data for, how to access and update your personal data, as well as the options you have regarding your personal data and where to go for further information.

    Special Notice - if you are under 18 years old. Processing children’s personal data

    Except in those cases where LNGC organizes educational events specifically designed for children, we do not intentionally collect personal data of individuals under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, please do not send us your personal data for example, your name, address and email address. If you wish to contact LNGC in a way which requires you to submit your personal data (such as for education or innovation events) please get your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf.

    What personal data do we collect/use/disclose/process about you? Collection of information

    We collect, use, disclose and process personal data from and in relation to individuals who are, or who work for or on behalf of or who are shareholders in our Business Customers, Suppliers, Business Partners in the following categories:

    • Private contact information (such as name, postal or e-mail address, and phone number) only if necessary; or
    • Business contact and other information (such as job title, department, name of organization and your dealings with LNGC on behalf of yourself or the relevant Business Customer, Supplier, Business Partner).


    In addition, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, to protect LNGC’s assets and staff/contractors and specifically to ensure that LNGC can comply with trade control, anti-money laundering and/or bribery and corruption laws and other regulatory requirements, we carry out screening (pre-contract and on a periodic basis post-contract) on owners, shareholders and directors of our Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners. This screening takes place against publicly available or government issued sanctions lists and media sources.

    The screening does not involve profiling or automated decision making in relation to the counter-parties or potential counter-parties.

    Who is responsible for any personal data collected?

    LNGC will be responsible for collecting, using, disclosing and processing your personal data.

    For what purposes do we collect/use/disclose/process your personal data?

    We collect/use/disclose/process personal data covered by this Privacy Notice for the following purposes:

    • Business execution - including providing, researching, developing and improving products or services; concluding and executing agreements with Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners; recording and settling services, products and materials to and from LNGC; managing relationships, account management, and customer service;
    • Organisation and management of the business - including financial management, asset management, mergers, demergers, acquisitions and divestitures, implementation of controls, management reporting, analysis, internal audits and investigations;
    • Health, safety and security - including protection of an individual’s life or health, occupational health and safety, protection of LNGC and staff, authentication of individual status and access rights; or
    • Legal and/or regulatory compliance - including compliance with legal or regulatory requirements.

    or for a secondary purpose where it is closely related, such as:

    • storing, deleting or anonymising personal data;
    • fraud prevention, audits, investigations, dispute resolution or insurance purposes, litigation and defence of claims; or
    • statistical, historical or scientific research.

    Communication and marketing

    You may receive offers on behalf of the relevant Business Customer, Supplier or Business Partner. On all occasions you will be given the opportunity to use the unsubscribe functionality through the different digital channels we use to interact with you.

    Why do we collect/use/disclose/process your personal data?

    The personal data covered by this Privacy Notice are only collected/used/disclosed/processed:

    • in order to take steps at the request of an individual prior to entering into a contract;
    • where it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation to which LNGC is subject to;
    • where it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by LNGC, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual/s; or
    • (only if legally required) with the explicit consent of the individual.

    In those cases where collection/use/disclosure/processing is based on consent, and subject to applicable law which provides otherwise, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This will not affect the validity of the processing prior to the withdrawal of consent.

    Security of your personal data

    We have implemented technology and policies with the objective of protecting your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use. In particular, we may use encryption for some of our services, we apply authentication and verification process for access to LNGC services and we regularly test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our security measures.

    Who will we share your personal data with?

    The personal data covered by this Privacy Notice are exclusively processed for the purposes referred to above and will only be shared on a strict need to know basis with:

    • LNGC’s joint venture participants and their respective affiliates;
    • Authorized third party agents, service providers, external auditors and/or subcontractors of LNGC; or
    • A competent public authority, government, regulatory or fiscal agency where it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation to which LNGC or its joint venture participants are subject to or as permitted by applicable law.

    Interacting with LNGC through social media

    If you choose to interact with LNGC through social media on a LNGC administered social media page (‘LNGC Social Media Page’) such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, your personal data (such as your name, your profile picture and the fact that you are interested in LNGC) will be visible to all visitors of your personal webpage depending on your privacy settings on the relevant social media platform, and will also be visible to LNGC. You can delete any information that you share on these sites at any time through your relevant social media platform’s account. LNGC does not track your activity across the different social media sites that you use. Please contact LNGC if you wish to make a request that you are unable to action yourself and which relates to a LNGC Social Media Page.

    Additionally and to the extent LNGC is jointly responsible with a social media platform of a LNGC Social Media Page, LNGC will have access through the social media platform to aggregated data providing statistics and insights that help to understand the types of actions you take on LNGC Social Media Pages. For more information on how your personal data are processed on those social media platforms, including any targeted advertising that you may receive, please refer to your privacy settings accessible through your relevant social media platform’s account.

    Transfers of your personal data to other countries

    Where your personal data have been transferred to LNGC, its joint venture participants and/or their respective affiliates and/or to authorized third parties located outside of your country, such personal data may be accessible to the legal authorities, including law enforcement and national security authorities, of those countries. We take organizational, contractual and legal measures to ensure that adequate levels of protection have been implemented in order to safeguard your personal data.

    What are the consequences of not providing your personal data?

    Personal data gathered by LNGC for these processes either directly or indirectly are required in order to:

    • Fulfil legal requirements and/or which is required for entering into a contract with a counter-party and continuing to contract with that counter-party; or
    • Maintain contact with Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners.

    Failure to provide us with the information required will negatively affect our ability to communicate with you, or our ability to enter into a contract with a counter-party or continue to contract with a counter-party.

    How long do we hold your personal data for?

    With some exceptions which are explained in supplementary privacy statements, any personal data that are required for the purposes of conclusion and execution of agreements with Business Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners or for considering bids or tenders, will be held during the duration of the contractual relationship and up to 15 years after. For agreements which have a term of more than five years and for the purposes set out above, these agreements will be held for up to 35 years with effect from the commencement of the agreement.

    In all other cases for the purposes set out above, including personal data gathered as part of any unsuccessful bids to LNGC or which relates to the screening against publicly available or government issued sanctions lists and media sources, such personal data are held for no longer than 15 years after it was first gathered.

    In all cases information may be held for (a) a longer period of time where there is a legal or regulatory reason to do so (in which case it will be deleted once no longer required for the legal or regulatory purpose) or (b) a shorter period where the individual objects to the processing of their personal data and there is no longer a legitimate business purpose to retain it.

    Your rights in relation to your personal data

    We aim to keep our information as accurate as possible. You can request:

    • access to your personal data;
    • correction or deletion of the personal data (but only where they are no longer required for a legitimate business purpose);
    • that you no longer receive marketing communications on behalf of the relevant Business Customer, Supplier or Business Partner;
    • that the processing of your personal data is restricted; and/or
    • that you receive personal data that you have provided to LNGC, in a structured, digital form to be transmitted to another party, if this is technically and commercially feasible.

    To make any of these requests, please contact LNGC’s Privacy Officer at [email protected].

    Who can you contact if you have a query, concern or complaint about your personal data?

    If you have any issues, queries or complaints regarding the collection/use/disclosure/processing of your personal data please contact LNGC’s Privacy Officer at [email protected]


    We may store some information (commonly known as a “cookie”) on your computer when you look at a LNGC website. We are able to read these cookies for information purposes when you revisit our website.

    The type of information we collect as a result of a cookie being accepted by you is specific to your PC or mobile device and includes the IP address, the date and time the PC or mobile device visited the website, what parts of our website were looked at and whether the web pages requested were delivered successfully. This information is anonymous; it represents a computer rather than a person.

    We use the cookie information to improve our knowledge of the use of our website and to enable us to be able to ascertain whether the website is operating at an optimal level. This allows us to enhance our web offerings to you and to provide an enjoyable and an innovative online experience.

    You can erase or block this information by changing the settings on your computer or mobile device (please refer to your help screens or manuals). If you do erase or block this information you may not be able to utilise some features of the website.

    Changes to this Privacy Notice

    This Privacy Notice may be changed over time. You are advised to regularly review this Privacy Notice for possible changes. This Privacy Notice was last updated in January 2022.

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