JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture (JFJV)

Prime contractor to LNG Canada

LNG Canada has selected the joint venture between JGC Corporation (JGC) and Fluor Corporation (Fluor) as its Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractor, based on the consortium’s shared commitment to health, safety, First Nations and stakeholder management, financial strength, technical design, execution plans, contract price and schedule.

A commitment to hiring locally

JGC and Fluor will be responsible for directly hiring the majority of the thousands of skilled workers required during the five-year construction period. The joint venture will focus on hiring locally and then throughout British Columbia and Canada.

LNG Canada’s commitment to some positions being made available for apprentices – open equally to women and men – will also be delivered.

Fluor and JGC began activities last year, with the first LNG export expected around the middle of next decade.

Trusted experience in LNG and Canadian megaprojects

Both JGC and Fluor have significant experience in Canada, combined with extensive LNG and mega project experience worldwide.

Since Fluor’s first project in Canada in the 1940s, it has been a part of some of Canada’s most significant capital projects, with over 7,500 construction personnel working on Canadian projects in 2017.

JGC involvement in LNG projects accounts for 30% of LNG production globally. The company is presently executing several LNG projects in various parts of the world.

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