Oct 19, 2022


Creating Opportunities for B.C. Communities


Supporting thriving communities in British Columbia’s north is at the core of LNG Canada’s vision for our liquified natural gas export facility. As we move through our construction phase and towards operations, we continue to leverage local talent and capability while strengthening relationships with local First Nations. The net result is helping LNG Canada to co-create new opportunities for local contracting, procurement and employment.

This includes the awarding of two new contracts to Brock Kitamaat Services Limited Partnership and Gitga’at Waiward Industrial Ltd., announced in September. Each contract has a term of six years. “On behalf of LNG Canada, I would like to congratulate both Brock Kitamaat Services Limited Partnership and Gitga’at Waiward Industrial Ltd. for bringing their skills and expertise to our company,” said Jason Klein, CEO of LNG Canada. “We are proud to work with local First Nations to create opportunities that benefit B.C. communities, while contributing to a project of national and international significance.” Brock Canada, in a joint venture with the Haisla Nation, will provide maintenance support for the LNG Canada project including scaffolding, insulation and painting.

Creating Opportunities for B.C. Communities
Area Manager Adrian St Onge at work at the LNG Canada project in Kitimat.

“Through extensive collaboration, we were able to develop an agreement with LNG Canada that included support from the Haisla First Nation and Brock Kitamaat Services,” said Joe Brickner, President of Brock Canada. “This relationship will deliver a sustaining benefit from the project that will transition into long-term prosperity for the Nation and the Kitimat community, while providing LNG Canada with industry leading services made available through our established industry expertise built on a mindset grounded in safety and innovation.”

Gitga’at Waiward Industrial will provide main industrial site services including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation support to maintenance and auxiliary support to projects and construction. “This contract award represents a significant milestone for Gitga’at Waiward and characterizes a true partnership between Waiward Industrial LP, the Gitga’at Development Corporation, and the Gitga’at First Nation,” said Andy Brooks, President & CEO Waiward Industrial.

Creating Opportunities for B.C. Communities
Gitga’at Waiward Welders in the Edmonton Fabrication Shop. Photo Credit: Sarah Kowaluk of Arch and Oak Photography for Waiward Industrial

These new contract awards further demonstrate how LNG Canada is enhancing economic growth and opportunities in the region, on the way to commissioning and starting up Canada’s first large scale LNG export facility.

“It speaks to the commitments made by LNG Canada to use local contractors, aligning with economic reconciliation and the trust developed thus far,” added Joe Bevan, CEO Gitga’at Development Corporation. “The economic success of the region’s First Nations is paramount to a robust regional economy.”

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