NewsFeb 5, 2020

What do local residents and First Nations think about LNG Canada?

LNG Canada’s joint venture participants made their final investment decision (FID) in October 2018, following years of technical design and collaboration with our business partners, alongside a multi-year public engagement, environmental assessment, review and permitting process. This included extensive consultation with local First Nations and residents of Kitimat and Terrace, who were most likely to be impacted by the project.

There was a tremendous showing of support for our project, but FID also resulted in opponents to LNG development becoming more vocal about their opposition. In some cases, this included personal attacks on people supporting the project.

Many of our supporters asked us how they could tell their story of why they supported LNG Canada. So we sent a film crew to Northern British Columbia and invited local residents and First Nations to a series of focus groups where they could talk about their experiences and why they support it. We thought we would use their ideas to write a television commercial we could share with the rest of the province.

They ended up writing the commercial themselves.

In their own words, this is what they had to say…

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