Workforce Development

Building B.C.'s workforce through targeted investments

LNG Canada has provided funding for a number of workforce development related initiatives as a way to support British Columbia in meeting industry’s skilled trades requirements over the coming years.


YOUR PLACE is a province-wide workforce development program aimed at attracting, recruiting, training, supporting and employing women to work in the construction trades on the LNG Canada Project.

The program includes a four-week workplace readiness training program and employment supports designed to help women start – and succeed – in the skilled trades. YOUR PLACE graduates will have a direct line to employment opportunities in an entry level position with JGC Fluor or one of its subcontractors on the LNG Canada Project site in Kitimat, B.C. To remove barriers for women considering a career in the trades, the LNG Canada Project will cover the costs of tuition, safety gear and learning materials for all participants, as well as airfare to and from the training in Kitimat and accommodation for participants from outside the local area.

Trades Training Fund

LNG Canada believes that apprenticeship completion is critical to ensuring an improved supply of skilled tradespeople for the many projects currently under development within the LNG industry, and to replace many of the skilled tradespeople nearing retirement age.

One of the barriers to apprenticeship completion is funding, and to remove this barrier, LNG Canada has contributed over $1.54 million to a Trades Training Fund and recently announced its 1000th participant. This funding goes to building awareness of the trades available in any industry, particularly the emerging LNG industry. LNG Canada is pleased to be working with the B.C. Construction Association, who is actively building awareness of the fund and administering it on LNG Canada’s behalf.

Funding from LNG Canada’s contribution is available to small and medium-size employers to assist them with training programs for apprentices. Current apprentices in the middle of their apprenticeships can speak to their employer to apply for money from the fund, and employers that want to set up training programs can apply to the fund directly.

LNG Canada Connect

In partnership with the B.C. Construction Association’s Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP), LNG Canada is funding the position of a dedicated resource who is stationed in Terrace. This person fills employers' requests for employees, in the construction industry within the local Kitimat and Terrace region, with the best-qualified candidate.

The LNG Canada representative has been tasked with removing barriers to employment by offering financial support from LNG Canada’s Gear Up Fund. This may include costs associated with prerequisite training or personal protective equipment all in support of helping people connect to employment opportunities.

To participate in LNG Canada’s Trades Training Fund, or to access the representative from LNG Canada Connect, contact B.C. Construction Association by clicking the link below.

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