NewsAug 30, 2019

Construction update: Dredging activities

As part of the work to get the existing port ready for larger vessels, LNG Canada will soon resume its dredging activities in the vicinity of Rio Tinto, former Methanex and former Eurocan wharfs. This is a continuation from last year’s activities and will take place from September 2019 till winter 2020. The dredging work will increase the depth of the berthing areas in the port of Kitimat to ensure safe passage of vessels.

Dredging is a seasonally-sensitive activity and itinvolves the removal of sediments and other material, referred to as dredge material, from the bottom of bodies of water. Dredging is a common commercial and industrial practice and has previously occurred in the port of Kitimat.

All activities have been permitted through the relevant regulatory authorities and will not pose a risk to small commercial vessels, pleasure craft and fishing vessels operating out of MK Bay, Kitamaat Village or Minette Bay marinas that stay south and east of the former Eurocan wharf. The dredging vessel operator, Boskalis, will request a safety zone to be 300m away from the vessel engaged in dredging activities. Boskalis has also sent a Notice to Shipping advising non-project marine vessel operators of the appropriate safety distance.

LNG Canada is constructing fish habitat offsets in Minette Bay to address any impact from dredging activities. These marine offsets will enhance existing mud flats by creating salt marshes and rock reef habitats, which directly benefit fish and crab populations.

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