Aug 12, 2020


Helping to keep our communities safe: LNG Canada donates $500,000 towards a new highway rescue vehicle in Terrace


Rescue 11 had served Terrace well, but its time was up. Put into service nearly 30 years ago, the city’s familiar red rescue truck was at the end of its life and had to be replaced. With a growing population, more commercial and industrial activities underway and an increase in highway traffic between Terrace and its neighbour Kitimat to the south, the city’s emergency response requirements had changed.

With that in mind, the City of Terrace Fire Department identified a new model, a modern and more capable vehicle. After months of consultations, Terrace FD placed its order for a custom-built, 34-foot, stainless-steel Typhoon, manufactured by the E-ONE rescue and fire truck company based in Ocala, Florida.

Among its many features and capabilities: Comfortable seating for six firefighters; spacious recovery and triage area; 9000-pound winch capacity; enough power run a small building; oodles of storage room; a 450 horsepower Cummins engine; a total allowable weight of 46,840 pounds on the front and rear axels.

Of course, all of that would come at a cost: a cool $760,000.

Enter LNG Canada. Recognizing the need to support B.C. communities as it builds the largest energy infrastructure project in Canada, LNG Canada works with local municipalities, health authorities, non-profits and other organizations on numerous initiatives, in areas such as education, environment, skills and enterprise development and community wellness. A key objective is to partner on sustainable programs that strengthen community resilience and enhance the project’s mitigation efforts.

“We understand the impacts that large resource projects can have on local communities, and we’re always looking for ways to give back,” says Nina Arvanitidis, LNG Canada’s Social Performance & Local Content Lead. “As an organization, we put health and safety first. That means looking out for our neighbours as well as our workers.”

In the course of their work, Nina and her team have regular discussions with Terrace officials. After learning about the new fire truck, LNG Canada decided it could help, and contributed $500,000 towards the total purchase price.

City officials were thrilled. “The $500,000 provided for the highway rescue vehicle was huge. That’s a big, big ticket item for the city of Terrace,” says City of Terrace Mayor, Carol Leclerc. “It’s a three and a half percent tax increase or it’s pushing other services that you want to provide to your community down the road.”

“The generous contribution from LNG Canada meant that we didn’t have to dip into our capital, at a cost to the taxpayer, to pay for a replacement vehicle,” says Terrace FD Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson, who played a key role in sourcing the new Rescue 11.

Dave had the pleasant task of inspecting the vehicle in Vancouver in late July, after its long highway journey from Florida. “This was three years in the making,” he beamed, walking the length of the truck, peering into its every nook and cranny and flicking on its emergency lights. “Bright enough to light up the world,” he remarked. How does the new Rescue 11 compare to the old? “They aren’t in the same league,” Dave laughed.

After completing his inspection, Dave returned to Terrace. The truck arrived in early August. Three years in the making and bright enough to light up the world, it’s ready to make a positive impact in the City of Terrace and the surrounding region.

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