NewsMar 4, 2019

JFJV moves to prime contractor and launches a Project Resource Centre

March 1st was a significant day for the LNG Canada Project, as the project owners handed over responsibility of the work site to JGC Fluor (JFJV), who became the prime contractor for the LNG plant site.

“This is a major milestone for our project team – one we’ve been working towards since October of last year,” declared Phil Clark, Project Director for JFJV. “We have a long way to go, but this shift represents the start of our next project phase where construction activities will begin to increase.”

While this is a big day for JFJV, not much will change in our host communities.

One of the most notable changes, however, is that access to the facility site for all personnel of LNG Canada, JFJV, contractors and subcontractors will now need to be approved by JFJV. As prime contractor, Fluor Canada Ltd., on behalf of JFJV, will be solely responsible for the site’s HSSE (health, safety, security and environment) and emergency response programs, and for ensuring all personnel on site are in compliance with these programs.

What the community will notice is the new Project Resource Centre that JFJV is setting up at the City Centre Mall in Kitimat. The Centre, or ‘PRC,’ will connect the community with the project, whether through employment application support or simply answering questions.

Rebecca Boys, External Affairs Manager for JFJV, explains, “The PRC will act as an ongoing ‘open house,’ where members of the community can visit at their convenience and access project-related information. We’re very excited to be establishing a presence in the community.” The JFJV-branded Project Resource Centre will open this spring and will specifically assist the public in the following ways:

  • Provide up-to-date information on the project
  • Respond to community questions and feedback
  • Support employment-, contracting- and vendor-related questions
  • Identify learning opportunities
  • Discuss career goals and guidance to overcome obstacles.

The PRC will be staffed with Employment Placement Coordinators, a Placement Specialist and Community Relations representatives. The Centre will be open to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. More information on the Project Resource Centre will be provided once its doors are open to the public.

LNG Canada in the community

Being an active member of the Kitimat community continues to remain a priority for LNG Canada. We will continue to communicate overall construction progress and report progress on specific commitments made to the community in the project’s environmental and social management plans.

LNG Canada will continue to:

  • Have a website and Facebook page with high-level project information
  • Have a local project team in Kitimat who are directly involved in the community
  • Facilitate meaningful engagement through the Community Advisory Group and the Social Management Roundtable
  • Regularly meet key stakeholders and First Nations to address consultation requirements and maintain well-established relationships
  • Deliver high-quality community events and social investments that bring value to Kitimat and Terrace residents
  • Host up to two community open houses per year, with JFJV participation, to provide project updates.

Staying in touch with LNG Canada and JFJV

LNG Canada and JFJV are committed to being good neighbours and keeping the community informed about construction-related activities. There are now several ways for everyone to ask questions, receive information or provide feedback.

Description of ways to stay in touch with LNG Canada and JFJV

JFJV invites the community to follow them or get in touch to offer feedback, share potential concerns or simply get a question answered by a project representative in a timely fashion.

They look forward to connecting with you.




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