Jan 16, 2020

LNG Canada supports the continued efforts of Coastal GasLink to meet with Hereditary Chiefs to resolve concerns

The completion of the Coastal GasLink pipeline project is essential to LNG Canada, as it will transport natural gas from northeastern BC to our export facility located in Kitimat, BC, in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. Both LNG Canada and Coastal GasLink have broad Indigenous support for our projects –with agreements in place with 23 impacted Nations.

LNG Canada is discouraged by the actions of a very vocal, but small minority, who are attempting to prevent these projects from proceeding. Both projects have been fully permitted and we’re proud of our record of extensive engagement with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike. It is important to recognize, as the BC Supreme Court did in its recent decision, that the small group of Indigenous opponents to the Coastal GasLink pipeline have had numerous opportunities to participate in the consultation and permit assessment process, but chose not to meaningfully participate or discuss the project.

LNG Canada is well into our second year of construction, already employing close to 2,000 people, and sharing benefits with northern communities.

While Indigenous governance is a complex issue, we believe the rule of law must be respected. The permits for Coastal GasLink were issued following a detailed review and assessment, following which The Court issued a decision, having the benefit of reviewing all of the evidence before it.

The challenges facing companies investing in Canada would be insurmountable if the rule of law was not followed, and would drastically reduce overall investment and growth.

LNG Canada supports the continued efforts of Coastal GasLink to meet with Hereditary Chiefs to resolve concerns. The safety of all involved is of paramount importance.

In the meantime, LNG Canada is continuing to move construction forward and fully intends to deliver first cargo before the middle of this decade.




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