NewsMar 8, 2020

LNG Canada’s Commitment to Women on International Women’s Day

LNG Canada embraces gender equity and supports the full participation of women in society.

We are committed to having an environment of inclusion and respect, where employees and business partners can openly and honestly contribute their talents, ideas and experiences.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are imperative to the success of our business, in the communities in which we operate, and in our relationships with stakeholders. By employing people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, gender identities and experiences, LNG Canada employees are better able to reach their business goals and help build healthy communities.

Encouraging participation in the construction trades

Women make up half the general workforce in Canada, but just under 5% of skilled construction workers on a typical worksite. We’re working to improve that.

As of January 2020, 252 women were at work on the LNG Canada project site in Kitimat, B.C. That represents 21% of the site’s total workforce.

LNG Canada offers tuition-free training designed to help women start – and succeed – in the skilled trades, leading to opportunities for employment with our prime contractor JGC Fluor BC LNG JV and its subcontractors at the LNG Canada project.

The four-week, customized training program is delivered by Women Building Futures, an organization with over 20 years experience preparing, training and supporting women to succeed in the trades. The training program is part of a unique employment initiative we call YOUR PLACE, which recruits, trains, supports and employs women in the construction trades.

As of January 2020, YOUR PLACE had achieved the following:

  • Received 1,312 applications from women across Canada
  • Received 453 (35%) applications from Indigenous women
  • Graduated its first class of 12 women, including three who identify as Indigenous.
  • Planned seven classes for the program’s Phase 1, to Summer 2020.

Programs and sponsorships in support of women

LNG Canada is proud to support the following initiatives:

  • The Women’s Executive Network (WXN), which creates and delivers innovative networking, mentoring, professional and personal development to inform, inspire, connect and recognize our community of over 22,000 women, men and their organizations in the pursuit of excellence.
  • The Equal by 30 campaign, which asks companies and governments to endorse principles of equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities, and to take concrete action to close the gender gap in the clean energy sector. Empowering and increasing the representation of women in the energy sector is essential in the transformation to a clean energy economy. Growing evidence demonstrates that gender diversity increases profits and generates efficiencies
  • The Builders Code, which LNG Canada helped launch in 2019, aims to retain more women in the construction trades by creating a supportive, inclusive work environment that works for everyone. A key goal is to have women make up 10% of B.C.’s construction trades by 2028, a standard not yet reached by any province in Canada.
  • Men Advocating Real Change (MARC), which empowers men to engage in workplace inclusion and gender equity, through research-based programming and an online community to continue the conversation. A community within LNGC Canada is created to discuss issues and promote inclusion.

Code of Conduct

Every individual assigned to the LNG Canada project in Kitimat— employees of JGC Fluor, our subcontractors and sub-subcontractors, without exception — commits to and signs a Code of Conduct as a condition of employment. The Code of Conduct includes the following:


  • I will always conduct myself in a respectful manner in everything I do.
  • I will conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner at the LNG Canada work site and within the local communities.
  • I will treat all people with dignity and respect, and I understand that it is an expected value which I will embrace, along with being inclusive to the diversity that I will encounter while on this project.
  • I understand both the personnel on the construction site and the peoples within the surrounding communities deserve a safe environment which is devoid of any form of harassment.
  • I understand and acknowledge that all harassment, discrimination, and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated anywhere on the project, in associated locations, and the community.
  • I will demonstrate an excellent work ethic and attitude, always presenting a professional appearance and a positive attitude. I will be committed to fostering a safety culture that ensures everyone goes home safe every day, high productivity, and quality.
  • I will have a questioning attitude; if I am not sure, I will ask. If I think that there is a better way to do something, I will make it known to my immediate supervisor or to members of my team with an attitude of making this a better project.
  • I will always look for and take the opportunities to coach and assist others to ensure the safety, environmental, quality, cost, and schedule visions and goals of the project are met.


  • I will do right in the community.
  • I acknowledge the legacy of the LNG Canada project in Kitimat will be greatly influenced by the social impact of the project workforce on the surrounding community.
  • When in the community, I will be committed to have a positive impact on the communities by displaying behaviours which are respectful and inclusive at all times.



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