Apr 02, 2020


Open Letter from Peter Zebedee, CEO of LNG Canada


The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for everyone. We recognize the anxiety and stress this is causing people. I want you to know that LNG Canada, JGC Fluor and our subcontractors are doing our very best to prevent the COVID-19 virus from impacting our people and the communities in which we live and work.

Here’s what we’ve already done:

We’ve reduced the workforce on our project site by 65%, and we continue to evaluate potential further reductions.

The number of people that commute to site has been reduced by more than 90%. We have identified essential work that needs to be completed now, to ensure that we meet environmental regulations in place to protect birds, fish and water.

Work that is not deemed essential has been stopped.

Those with specialized skills who must commute undergo a series of temperature and health screenings prior to entering into the community or coming to work on our site. Any worker who feels unwell or shows mild symptoms cannot work.

We have retained local workers where we can, and where possible, changed rotations for specialized trades that need to commute.

We have reduced by half the number of people on our airport shuttle bus, and we use checkerboard seating, where no one sits directly behind or beside another person.

We limit occupancy in company cars and trucks to two people, with the passenger sitting in the rear seat. We have cancelled the community social shuttle, and workers are discouraged from making non-essential trips into the community. Everyone must follow physical distancing inside and outside the lodges.

Our lodging providers are also taking additional measures to manage and prevent the spread of the virus for those staying in lodging, and to avoid impacts on the community wherever possible. In dining areas, only one person at a time may sit at a table. Common touchpoints have been removed. Cleaning and disinfecting frequencies have substantially increased.

LNG Canada, JFJV and our lodging providers will activate 14-day quarantine procedures should someone develop symptoms or illness, per direction from Northern Health. Should a worker require further medical treatment, we will follow Northern Health’s guidance.

I want to assure the community that the measures we and our contractors are taking are consistent with provincial and federal policies, including the provincial guidance to industrial camps, best practices recommended by the Provincial Health Officer, Northern Health, the BC Centre for Disease Control, Work Safe BC and other government and health care bodies.

LNG Canada, JGC Fluor and our subcontractors are doing our very best to prevent the COVID-19 virus from impacting our people and the communities in which we live and work.

That doesn’t mean that the decisions and directions we are making are easy, especially those that impact people’s livelihoods.

We understand the impact that job loss can have on individuals, on families and on communities. But the choices we make today will help determine our future. As always, our priority is to protect our people, our neighbours and our project.

We know that people are counting on the LNG Canada project. We want to be in the best position possible to resume our work once COVID 19 is behind us.

We can play a big role in what will be a time of economic recovery, as we have every intention to deliver on our promise to create Opportunity for British Columbia, and Energy for the World.

For more information and updates, please continue to visit www.lngcanada.ca.

Thank you and stay safe.

Peter Zebedee
CEO, LNG Canada

Download the open letter:

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