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Our gradual return to work: a mid-summer update from the LNG Canada project site

Physically distant workers walking at a beach

Physically distant workers at Hospital Beach

In our last project update on June 16, 2020, we described our intention to conduct a carefully managed and gradual increase of construction activities at our project site in Kitimat, following a considerable workforce reduction in mid-March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our approach towards a measured resumption of activities was informed by the provincial government’s multi-phased BC Restart Plan.

Over the past six weeks, our return to work has proceeded with on-site workforce numbers now returning to those recorded before the draw-down. As previously noted, we expect to reach 2,500 workers at site by year’s end. LNG Canada and JGC Fluor want to thank our employees and stakeholders—especially members of the local communities—for their confidence, support and extraordinary efforts to date, all of which has helped us manage this transition successfully.

We pledge to continue living up to the commitments and decisions we made at the outset to protect our workers, our project and the community from the coronavirus, and to reduce the risk of infection in all areas of our operations and activities.

This work includes:

The LNG Canada Project also has strong measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including strict rules and procedures around worker travel to and from the project.

Central to our strategy for minimizing risk associated with the virus is Cedar Valley Lodge, our new worker accommodation centre. The lodge opened its doors on July 22 to its first few hundred residents and will eventually have capacity to house 4,500 people at a time. Cedar Valley Lodge is designed to be self-sufficient and will offer a complete array of amenities and services in one location—including on-site healthcare, high quality dining, a recreation facility, retail area, games room, lounge, and movie theatre — thus reducing potential strain on Kitimat’s resources as well as worker interactions with the community during the pandemic.

As always, our worksite and workforce accommodations are required to continue to adhere to stringent safety measures including physical distancing and enhanced hygiene practices.

Given our experiences to date and the positive manner in which project personnel have embraced our proactive measures, we are confident that we can continue to progress the work, while protecting our neighbours, their community and the environment. In the event of a future coronavirus outbreak we are confident the tried and tested processes and procedures we have in place will achieve an efficient and expeditious response.

We recognize that our world is changing. We face challenges that were never anticipated. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the commitment that LNG Canada and JGC Fluor have to keeping our people and communities healthy and safe. That’s our top priority, and it always will be.

Watch this video to learn more about our COVID-19 response:

Stay safe.

Vince Kenny, LNG Canada Construction Manager

Berni Molz, JGC Fluor Construction Director




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