NewsAug 9, 2019

Statement from LNG Canada on announcement from the Government of Canada

LNG Canada welcomes Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s announcement that the Government is providing relief from duties on fabricated steel contained in large complex LNG modules required for construction of our LNG export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia, in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.

Canada has the opportunity to produce the cleanest LNG in the world, which in turn offers importing countries a competitive option to displace coal-fired facilities that are large contributors to global warming and poor air quality. The opportunity is only realized if projects like ours are able to access capacity and expertise that under certain circumstances, can only be provided by suppliers in other parts of the world.

Being able to deliver a competitive project will bring 10,000 jobs during construction and related economic benefits to First Nations, local communities, B.C. and to all Canadians. LNG Canada will also be a major contributor to the provincial and national economies and a major contributor to provincial and federal tax revenues over the project’s lifetime.

LNG Canada is committed to hiring locally, within B.C. and Canada, and ensuring Canadian companies and skilled Canadian tradespeople have the opportunity to work on and benefit from the Project.




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