Safe Start-Up

As LNG Canada prepares for a safe and successful start-up, new infrastructure such as flaring stacks will become increasingly visible. 

3 Things to Know About LNG Canada’s Flaring Program

  1. Flaring is normal during facility start-ups and shutdowns but rarely occurs in steady operations. Our flaring program will begin in 2024. 
  1. Flaring is a critical safety system and part of safe plant operations — it provides a way to empty gas from equipment when maintenance is required. Flaring is a safe outlet for gas and is provincially regulated. 
  1. When the plant starts up for the first time, there will be associated visible smoke. Community members will also see an elevated flare flame at times. This is part of starting up Canada’s first large-scale LNG export facility, but as the equipment settles into its normal operating range, smoke and flaring frequency will decrease. 

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